TDIndustries Sponsors Plumbing Merit Badge with Boy Scouts of America by Building an Interactive Trainer

TD recently partnered with the Boy Scouts of America to sponsor and support scouts in obtaining the Plumbing Merit Badge by building an interactive trainer for Camp Trevor Reese–Jones in Athens, Texas. 

BSA #2

The interactive trainer allows the user to see the hidden parts of systems within residential homes. In addition, plumbing training devices help the user understand the basic skills for install and repair of home plumbing systems. This is a robust curriculum where the trainer will be essential in teaching students how to build a safe and efficient plumbing system. More specifically, the trainer/apparatus helps users understand how to repair a clogged sink, a leaking faucet and identify specific plumbing materials. These are all part of the merit badge curriculum for the Boy Scouts of America.

TD collaborated with the camp chairman to design a training device that captures the student or scout's attention and will be useful for years to come. The goal is to help the camp improve their Applied Sciences and Trades Merit Badges by providing a trainer that allows scouts to experience and promote plumbing.

During the summer, the camp welcomes nearly 2,000 scouts and guides to learn, grow, and earn badges along the way. The Circle Ten

BSA #3

Council of the Scouts is teaming up with local school districts to set up a camp curriculum that utilizes this trainer and education around the skilled trades. Students will visit the camp throughout the year to ride horses, rock climb, learn about plumbing systems and more.

In addition to the trainer at Camp Trevor Reese – Jones, TD is building a trainer for Camp Constantine in Graford, Texas near Possum Kingdom Lake. This trainer will be completed before this year’s summer camps commence. The two campsites are owned by the Circle Ten Council of the Boy Scouts.

TD is proud to help educate students on careers in the trades and is constantly looking for new Partners to join the team. For those interested, please visit tdindustries.com/careers to submit an application.