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All About Bree Adams

Breyen “Bree” Adams has a simple motto: Be better today than you were yesterday.

With her drive and passion for learning, Bree quickly rose to the top of her career field, but soon realized she had hit the ceiling. There wasn’t much room for growth. Work, and life, were stifling.

Adams_Breyen_WB_06That’s when she knew she needed a new challenge. With the THRIVE program, Bree saw a new opportunity for herself and women everywhere.

A passionate and inquisitive woman, Bree loves music and family, and she believes “it is greater to give than receive.” Bree lived those words when she chose to withdraw from college to care for her newborn son. For 8 years, she earned a living for her and her son as a server and bartender. With bills piling up and pay remaining low, she sought a new career as a fire post in a chemical plant. That gave Bree a first taste of the construction industry, and she really enjoyed the work – particularly being outside in the elements. She had to travel extensively, which meant less time with her son and more help from her mother.

So when THRIVE came calling for an interview, her natural curiosity erupted. She didn’t know what to expect, especially in relatively foreign industries like construction and sheet metal. She had assumed that construction required more physical strength than a woman could perform, and that the jobs available were more geared toward men. When she learned how technology and mechanical resources level the gender gap, she saw a clear career path for the first time in her life.

Bree is only nervous about the unknown. She has the effort and the drive, but what will work be like? How will she grow? How high can she soar? She’s looking forward to learning more and the growth ahead of her.

“The sky is the limit, and we will see where we can go from here!”
- Bree Adams

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