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Facility Management Cost-Savings with Video Maintenance Reporting

The newly launched Visual Intelligence platform is changing the way TD reports its maintenance activity to facility managers, giving them a more convenient way to brief ... MORE +

Visual Intelligence: Looking to the Future of Facilities Maintenance

There are multiple reasons opting for a visual form of maintenance reporting, especially through video, was an important step for us and our customers. MORE +

Why Visual Maintenance Reporting Changes the Game for Facility Managers

Facility managers are busy people no matter the size of their enterprise. Not only must the facility manager take into account yearly planned maintenance tasks, but also ... MORE +

How to Maximize Facility Output with a Skilled Building Operator

I’ve spent thousands of hours in airplanes either as a passenger or as a pilot. As a passenger, I’ve experienced good pilots and some … not so good. MORE +

Why Partner with a Vendor That Leverages Video Maintenance Reporting?

As you might already know, TD Visual Intelligence is a new cloud-based tool that gives facility managers a convenient way to access and view maintenance reports in video or ... MORE +

How to Leverage Vested Outsourcing with Facility Maintenance Companies

After more than a decade of research, the business model behind some of the most successful outsourcing strategies (including those at Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, and more) ... MORE +

What, Exactly, Is TD Visual Intelligence?

TD Visual Intelligence is live! MORE +

Providing STEM Career Paths: Robotic Navigation Systems and More

Science, technology, engineering,and math play pivotal roles at TDIndustries. With the future of our company and the industry depending on current students who will one day be ... MORE +

World Quality Day 2018: Celebrating Trust and Excellence

Did you know that tomorrow, November 8th, is World Quality Day? MORE +

Winter is Coming: Electrical System Maintenance Risks

When it comes to winter maintenance, “it doesn’t get cold here” becomes a convenient excuse for many companies in the Southwest region. Why? Mostly because they don’t want to ... MORE +