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3 Reasons Why Companies are Outsourcing Facility Services

Companies are increasingly pursuing outsourcing strategies, but some have yet to reap the benefits of outsourcing facility services – and your competitor could be one of them.  MORE +

Arizona Continues Career Paths with TD's Women in Trades Program

In May, TDIndustries’ Houston branch completed a pilot program to assist women in starting their trades careers. In August, Arizona took the next step, welcoming six new women ... MORE +

What are Maintenance KPIs Telling You? Why Context Matters

One of the supreme benefits of key performance indicators (KPIs) for facility maintenance is their ability to show where, when, and sometimes how equipment issues arise. ... MORE +

Why You Shouldn't Skimp on Your Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

How can facility managers track the most important facility key performance indicators (KPIs), while also keeping up with all of the moving parts (literally) involved in a ... MORE +

KPIs with High ROIs: How to Achieve Facility Maintenance Goals

As a maintenance or facility manager, you know how badly you need key performance indicators (KPIs) to keep your facility operating smoothly. You can’t improve your maintenance ... MORE +

4 Ways Integrated Facilities Management Can Increase Your Bottom Line

You’ve heard hundreds of examples of how streamlined companies are more efficient, save money, and deliver higher returns. MORE +

TD Hires Gary Roden As VP of Dallas Business Development

TDIndustries announces the hire of Vice President Gary Roden, an experienced leader in the Dallas-Fort Worth construction community, to guide TD’s relationship with North Texas ... MORE +

Randee Herrin Speaks About TD’s Success With THRIVE at UWGH Conference

Randee Herrin, Houston Vice President of Construction, is no stranger to speaking about TDIndustries’ Women in Trades program. On Tuesday, Aug. 7, she spoke on a United Way of ... MORE +

The Unearthed Gems of Unplanned Equipment Downtime

There are few KPIs for facility maintenance as crucial as unplanned equipment downtime. While other KPIs are helpful to view the full context of equipment performance, this ... MORE +

Job Search Struggles? Here's a Stable and Profitable Career Path

In 2018, job searches involve plenty of rejection. You might apply to 100 or more jobs, receive a “thanks, but no thanks” email from 30, and receive preliminary interviews from ... MORE +