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Cindy Silva Gets Ready To Dominate The Construction Industry With TD

“Somebody really cares enough to give me the chance to outshine the mentality that women don’t belong in this industry.” MORE +

How Meaghan Benoit Went From Barely Minimum Wage, To A Stable Career In Construction

“For the past year and a half, I’ve been kicked down, thinking ‘Am I going to be stuck in retail for the rest of my life because I’m female? Did I go to school for nothing? ... MORE +

Leslie Morgan Has Her Sight Set On Becoming A Leader At TD

Leslie Morgan knows physical fitness: she is a dance/fitness instructor and is training to become the next American Ninja Warrior! To be truly balanced, she knows you need both ... MORE +

All About Bree Adams

Breyen “Bree” Adams has a simple motto: Be better today than you were yesterday. MORE +

How an Energy Audit Works (And Why You Need One)

So What’s the Big Deal? Every year, new equipment and facility development best practices are updated for more efficient energy usage. Still, it can be difficult for facility ... MORE +

Best Practices for Commercial Planned Maintenance

Reliability Centered Maintenance and Planned Maintenance: So What’s the Big Deal? While the idea of planned maintenance service isn’t too complex in itself, the value gets lost ... MORE +

Here's What Happens When You Don't Maintain Your Commercial Plumbing System

While HVAC and refrigeration equipment (CRFES) are important to maintain in their own right, electrical and plumbing system malfunctions become increasingly more serious if ... MORE +

TD hires Nicolas Sfeir to lead Austin

AUSTIN – TDIndustries, one of the leading mechanical construction companies in Texas, has hired Nicolas Sfeir as the vice president of its Austin Business Unit. MORE +

TD Earns Excellence in Construction Eagle Award for Daikin Project

DALLAS –The Associated Builders and Contractors awarded TDIndustries the Excellence in Construction Eagle Award for its work on the Daikin Texas Technology Park. It was TD’s ... MORE +

TDIndustries earns ABC Safety Award

  DALLAS – TDIndustries (TD) received the National Safety Award at the Associated Builders and Contractors national convention this week. TD also earned an Excellence in ... MORE +