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Leslie Morgan Has Her Sight Set On Becoming A Leader At TD

Leslie Morgan knows physical fitness: she is a dance/fitness instructor and is training to become the next American Ninja Warrior! To be truly balanced, she knows you need both a sound physical training regimen and a similarly conditioned mindset.

She’s seeking the same balance in her career. A 10-year veteran in construction sales and purchasing, Leslie is excited to work on the other side in sheet metal production. She’s excited about the opportunity in front of her, and to be more in control of her life and career.


Leslie was working on a design-build ethanol plant project when she heard about the THRIVE program. The diversity program, among TD’s other core values, struck a chord with her. She’s hopeful she can help TD bring more diversity into the workforce.

For Leslie, the THRIVE program is an answered prayer. She’s hoping this career will give her financial independence and command of her budget, and prove to be a better example to her two adult daughters.

“In my life, I felt like I wasn’t part of the financial decisions that were made in my household as a child,” Leslie said. “When I joined my new family unit, I wasn’t part of how the money was going into the household and how it was being spent.”

With better financial stability, Leslie can forge a clear path forward. Currently, she is eyeing a chance to become a business development manager, focusing on diversity.

But for today, she’s battling butterflies in her stomach while dreaming of becoming a confident, financially independent Partner.

“I feel like I can stand on my own two feet and be proud of where my career is going.”

                - Leslie Morgan


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