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Five Reasons to Build a Career in Manufacturing

Finding a career that fits your skills, interests, schedule preferences and family responsibilities can be complex. Whether you’re looking for a fresh start, re-entering the job market after a break or just starting your career, consider these five top reasons to consider a career in manufacturing.

1. Manufacturing is a growth industry with room for advancement

With competition for light manufacturing and assembly workers increasing amid global labor shortages, companies are eager to attract talent through increased training, growth and leadership opportunities.

In October, the Institute for Supply Management reported that October 2021 is the 17th consecutive month of growth for the manufacturing sector, with demand expanding and consumption growing.

Construction and specialty mechanical products industries are investing in new strategically located warehouses that are easily accessible for communities with working-age populations. Companies such as TDIndustries are investing in the property, people and training now to build their business, meet productivity goals and offer stable employment for decades to come.

2. Manufacturing offers competitive pay and full-family benefits

According to datausa.io, the average U.S. annual salary for full-time, skilled manufacturing workers is more than $64,000. At TDIndustries, after 30 days of employment, manufacturing workers with 30 or more hours per week are eligible for full-family benefits including health, dental and vision insurance; employee stock ownership and 401(k) retirement matching benefits; company wellness programs and more.

Paid personal time, holiday and sick pay and employer-paid coverage of training and certification costs are also benefits to help all workers take care of themselves and their families while growing their careers.

3. Learn on the job and work with new technology

If you’re a lifelong learner who enjoys using new technology and tools, that passion will serve you well in manufacturing. The construction industry is transforming to use technology to digitally model products and even entire modular building sections.

Extensive on-the-job training means that no experience is necessary to start work. You can learn while earning, with the support and time needed to develop high-demand skills that you can continue to build on each year.

U.S. innovation in manufacturing has driven growth and the economy for decades. This year, some of the most important technologies to watch include automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, modular construction and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

4. Safety, job stability and a consistent schedule to be there for your family

TDIndustries is an industry leader for safety, with "fiercely protecting the safety of all Partners" as one of its core values. Up to 60 percent of training offered for TD’s manufacturing teams includes safety guidance and a clear understanding of equipment or job site hazards, down to specific details on how best to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and use tools to avoid risk.

Many companies, including TDIndustries, are now offering flexible scheduling to allow workers, including students, new graduates or parents with school-age children re-entering the workforce, to find the right fit for their schedules.

5. Stay active and engaged in a positive culture with like-minded neighbors and colleagues

Before applying for any position, be sure to research companies' core values and leadership style to see if the culture fits with your career goals.

TDIndustries is built on a servant leadership culture. Managers and supervisors are driven to develop and invest in each person to help them create and achieve their career goals.

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The company’s mission statement is, "We are committed to providing outstanding career opportunities by exceeding our customers’ expectations through continuous aggressive improvement."

TDIndustries is actively hiring for flexible and secure light manufacturing and assembly positions in Forney, Texas, and additional trades and assembly positions in Dallas, Richardson and throughout the Southwest.

Text TD to 97211 or call 866 TDWORKS to take the first step in your new career.

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