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How To Start A Career In Construction, Even If You Don’t Have Experience

Think back to your last job interview.  If you’re like most Americans, everything was going well until you heard one terrifying phrase:

“What experience do you have?”

For many applicants, it’s not as much as the employer would prefer. A recent Talent Works survey concluded that 61 percent of entry-level jobs require 3 or more years of experience. In addition, jobs that only required a high school degree 30 years ago are now requiring bachelor’s degrees.


Victoria Yates, a recent graduate of the THRIVE program, struggled with this exact problem. Yates earned a communications degree and even had an internship, but still fell far short of the 3-year average requirement.

“Experience was a stumbling block for me because I didn’t have much, and then I had all this debt from student loans and I need to work,” Yates explained. 

She went back to school to earn an information technology degree, which she used to get a job – but not a career. Thankfully, the 12-week THRIVE program allowed participants to gain experience in sheet metal manufacturing while earning a living wage. 


So, how do you gain experience in a field that requires experience to get in? Today’s main answer is an unpaid internship, but if you don’t have a financial system set up to support you while you intern, it can be an untenable solution.

If you find yourself in this camp, here are some ways to start a career in construction:

Learn while you earn: If you are hired full-time at TDIndustries, you'll be required to take 32 hours of continuing education each year. This means if a Partner has career goals beyond their initial position, TD can help them gain the skills and knowledge to advance their career – all while making a livable income.

Horizontal career path: While many companies only practice vertical career growth, TD offers horizontal career growth as well. For example, you can start as an administrative assistant or facilities service assistant, then take steps supported by TD toward transferring to the construction department. 

Through training provided by TD, Partners can carve a career path in the direction of their desire by diversifying and strengthening their skill set. The advancement options at TD are unlimited: piping, plumbing, construction, service, business development, and much more.


If you're interested in a career at TDIndustries, click this link.

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