TD Partner’s Quick Action Highlights Safety On and Off The Job

Lyndsay Holcomb, a Dallas plumbing apprentice, was recently walking to a job site when she witnessed a serious vehicle accident. One car had flipped and was resting on its roof and another showing front-end damage. She quickly jumped into action, acting on instincts from her military training, TD safety courses and American Heart Association basic life support certification.

As TDIndustries prepares for Safety Week 2021, May 3-7, we celebrate Lyndsay’s emergency preparedness, her confidence in following protocol and willingness to offer aid to those affected.

After ensuring that 911 had been called, Lyndsay cautiously approached the vehicles to render any assistance or comfort she might be able to provide until paramedics arrived. Lyndsay noticed one of the drivers was walking around stumbling and seemed confused, so she supported the injured woman to keep her from falling. Lyndsay then escorted the woman to a safe spot on the median.  

Once she verified the injured woman was stable, Lyndsay set her down in a recovery position. While still supporting the injured party, Lyndsay called the woman’s son so the two could connect on what just happened. As firefighters arrived on the scene, Lyndsay transferred care to them and continued her walk to work. Lyndsay says she is thankful for the training she has gained and the knowledge to think and act swiftly and calmly in situations like this.

A fellow Partner who works closely with Lyndsay said, "I’ve only known Lyndsay a short amount of time, but she is a great asset to our team. The more I work with Lyndsay, I know she will be an inspiring leader one day. Lyndsay is very humble and quiet until you get to know her. If I was in a similar emergency [like a car accident], I would hope she would be around.”

TD is proud of Partners like Lyndsay who fiercely protect the safety of others on and off the job site. To learn more about TD’s safety protocols, please visit tdindustries.com/about/safety and follow our social media channels next week for more highlights on TD’s core value, Fiercely Protecting the Safety of All Partners.

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