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Arizona Continues Career Paths with TD's Women in Trades Program

In May, TDIndustries’ Houston branch completed a pilot program to assist women in starting their trades careers. In August, Arizona took the next step, welcoming six new women as full-time Partners with their own program.

Arizona's eight-week program coached women to become pipefitter welder apprentices through a mixture of jobsite training and in-class learning. While safety, orientation, and core training were standard lessons, one of the keys to success was pairing recruits with experienced Partners who were willing to teach. 

"We matched them with the right people in the field," said Jennifer Ferguson, Professional Services Manager. "They learned how to do their work and why we do it a certain way."

One of those foremen was Deisy Gonzalez, who is passionately leading an initiative to bring more women into the construction industry. She not only helped train these new TDPartners, but also spent time reviewing what they were learning in the field, answering any questions they may have had and offering guidance from her years of experience. 

Thelma Corriveau, Bianca Fernandez, Katelynn Green, Andrea Soto, Marissa Soest, and Ty Todacheenie chose to continue their careers with TD. Three are from a trade program at East Valley Institute of Technology, and another from Metro Tech. Some are related to current Partners and sought a new, or a first, career with TD.

"We are very excited and grateful for the wonderful mentors and leaders in our field that gave them such a great experience," Jennifer said.

Want to learn how TD supports women on their journey with a career in trades? Click the image below and fill out the form. 

TD Supports Women in Construction And We’re Seeking more Partners Launch a Career

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