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Boilers Secret to Healthcare Success

TDIndustries’ San Antonio-based team has 125 years of experience

Doctors, nurses, and hospital staff go through years of training guided by four words: First, Do No Harm. More than most other professions, the medical field knows that extensive training is the best way to prevent fatal mistakes.

Boiler secretsThe same is true for maintaining steam systems. In almost every hospital’s basement sits a machine producing up to 200,000 lbs of pressurized steam every hour. It’s powered by a controlled flame, and a giant fan providing oxygen. If your maintenance team isn’t trained or experienced, these boilers could explode, causing catastrophic damage: Scalding, pressurized water or a natural gas-fueled fire spread by an industrial fan.

That doesn’t include all the patients affected if the steam system fails. Steam is essential for regulating heat and humidity, sterilizing surgical equipment, cleaning laundry, and food preparation.

In the era of COVID-19, this becomes even more critical. Research has shown that humidity levels play a crucial part in defending against infectious diseases.

Servicing boilers is tough work, and this process requires dedicated, trained professionals to oversee this highly leveraged asset. Fortunately, TDIndustries offers such a team. In San Antonio, TD has a six-man squad with 125 years of combined experience between them.

“These boilermakers and technicians are a special breed. Not every technician wants to go into this work because of the danger factor, or the high stress levels,” said Service Operations Director Jerry Millership. “One minute you could be replacing a 300-lb valve, standing 20 ft in the air, and in the next hour you may be reprogramming a $2,000 control board that’s very sensitive.”

Fittingly, TD vets its candidates, only selecting the top recruits for this specialized team. Once applicants are hired, TD trains them not only on technical skills, but also provides intensive courses on safety. Committed to a ZERO Harm goal, Partners document issues, cordon off work areas, and use their stop-work authority to prevent potential injuries.

The Partners must also be calm in critical situations, tolerate heat and still perform high-quality, safe repairs. They are cross-trained in many aspects of boiler maintenance, including:

              • Certified welding
              • Programming controls systems
              • Valve/pipe repair and maintenance
              • Best practices for low-, medium- and high-pressure steam systems
              • Government-mandated inspections
              • Can explain repairs, suggestions at both technical and overview level
              • Retubing, staybolt, mud leg, and breeching repairs
              • Installing fabricated heat exchangers
              • Burner combustion analysis

A boiler is a significant purchase. Often a six- or seven-digit payment, these machines must be carefully considered for facility needs, operational use, and space. Furthermore, some systems’ long-term costs can equal the purchase price if not maintained properly.

Boiler SecretsThe good news is that when properly maintained, these systems can last for decades. That requires a committed, long-term team that has, or is developing, an equally lengthy history with equipment. Every boiler requires knowledge of all its parts to be properly maintained. When working on a new boiler, technicians study manufacturer information, ventilation standards and best practices.

Detailed knowledge helps them improve maintenance, which grows over time. However, when an owner chooses multiple, short-term maintenance teams, it opens the door for miscommunication, missed maintenance, or safety violations. While this strategy might work on less dangerous equipment, it can increase facility risk with boilers.

TD’s boiler team is one reason why several San Antonio and surrounding area hospitals have both chosen TD to maintain their boilers and steam systems. Beyond industrial and medical facilities, TD also services both steam and non-steam boilers in school districts, higher-education campuses, government facilities, food production and commercial properties.

TD also offers full engineering and plumbing teams who can step in and provide support on important projects. Furthermore, TD’s construction department can offer additional guidance. From emergency service and repairs to complete engineering and advisement, TD provides full-service options to support an owner’s facility.

“Our team has a really good reputation here in San Antonio and throughout the Southwest,” said Millership. “Ask anyone who works with boilers, and you’ll see the difference experience makes.”


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