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Communicating for Confidence: The Importance of Visual Signage

As you are preparing your facilities for the return of your employees and tenants, there will be many noticeable changes to the accessibility design of your workplace. While updates to cleaning procedures may be observable, the steps you are taking to upgrade mechanical and air filtration systems, flushing the pipes, and implementing tougher cleaning protocols may not. 

Don’t forget one of the most important steps in preparing your building is COMMUNICATING all of these efforts. Not only do you want your employees and tenants to BE SAFE, you want them to all FEEL SAFE.

Visual communications are critical to inform and bridge the knowledge gap instantly. People remember 10% of what they hear; 20% of what they read; and 80% of what they see. We have seen an increase in need for clear and proper signage as we all continue to navigate throughout the global pandemic.

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Customize signage to your brand voice

Safety as a top priority, wayfinding signage helps mitigate risk by keeping tenants engaged and informed of all of the new protocols your facility is implementing. By adhering to your brand voice through this messaging, your occupants will be able to clearly understand what new practices have been implemented. TDIndustries (TD) has developed visual graphics to help our customers do away with faulty paper signage and look to standardized options fit for your unique space.

Communicate facility efforts visually and continuously

TD’s Facilities team is prepared to not only provide your facility with an equipment readiness assessment, but also provide a wayfinding and visual building readiness assessment. This assessment can provide you with recommendations for furniture layout, traffic flow, and visual graphic placement throughout the building. This unique TD team can implement any or all recommendations you may be interested in including company-branded signage and communications, enabling you to get back to doing what you do best – your core business.

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