How Process Solutions Delivers Full Life-Cycle Services for Your Facility

Taking advantage of complete life-cycle solutions comes with many dazzling rewards: Turnkey services centered around a building’s environment, significant productivity boosts, and the ability to focus on core business while the value of your assets are sufficiently maintained are just a few examples.  

While Process Solutions begins with engineering and constructing your facility, full life-cycle management goes well beyond the initial build or installation.

Given how many Process Solutions projects and facilities are mission critical, it’s important that your partner can help maintain the facility across the full life-cycle. A trusted Process Solutions partner will not only help you get your facility online, but also help you keep operations running smoothly with a specialized staff.

To give you a better understanding of the full life-cycle benefits delivered by Process Solutions, we're covering the pivotal role it plays in construction, installation, and maintenance. 

Construction Delivery Methods

Process Solutions life-cycle management begins with engineering and construction, which is typically done via two delivery methods:

  • Design-Build - Design overlaps with construction. The project is often led by a general contractor (GC), but can sometimes be led by an architect or engineer.
  • Plan and Spec - An engineer and/or architect creates a design, which is then sent out for bid. The site owner reviews bids and determines which bid to accept. GCs contact subcontractors and negotiate bids for a project’s subcomponents. Once the agreement is solidified among all parties, construction begins.

In either case, a reliable Process Solutions partner will be upfront about costs and processes to meet the quality standards expected by mission-critical or otherwise specialized facilities.

Installation of High-Purity Piping

Once a project is underway, the Process Solutions team can then fabricate and install high-purity piping. This piping is made with specialized welds, a mirrored interior finish (if stainless steel or copper), and specific materials that do not leach from products over time.

Depending on the application of the piping (i.e. oxygen gas), additional specialized treatment will need to be applied. Your Process Solutions partner should have a fully certified and trained staff to install quality piping without disturbing facility operations. Reliability and safety are the highest priority, followed by delivering predictable results through product purity, speed, and budget goals.

Maintenance Follow Up

Once construction is complete, you have the option to continue life-cycle management through on-going maintenance. After the Process Solutions team has set up high-purity piping, among other installations, the baton is easily passed to the services team, which provides continued facility maintenance services for electrical systems, plumbing, and HVAC needs.

This means that Process Solutions customers only need one point of contact to establish full life-cycle management within their facility.

Working with a Trusted Process Solutions Partner

When looking for a Process Solutions partner, consider the full life-cycle of your facility. You will not only need help with engineering and initial construction, but ongoing maintenance with the potential for future projects.

Having a trusted partner as a single point of contact for the entire cycle can help you gain predictable results you can count on.

If you’d like to learn more about our Process Solutions team’s approach, you can request an assessment in seconds at the button below. 

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