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Integrated Facilities Management & the Hidden Upside of Downtime

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the nation, more school campuses are resorting to alternative learning methods outside the classroom. Taking careful measures to defend against potential exposure has prompted an unprecedented amount of downtime within educational facilities.

We often think of unplanned downtime as an unproductive result of responding to an emergency maintenance situation. However, these unique circumstances offer an opportunity to rely on your trusted integrated facilities management team in a customized way. Their guidance will ultimately lead to a healthier campus for students and employees to return to, while working alongside facility managers to identify and meet those needs in the most efficient way possible.

Dallas_Service_Zoes_Kitchen_Feb_2019_24Addressing some of these larger projects now, will make for a smooth start to the warm summer months and free up future uptime to focus on your core business. Check out a few ways integrated facilities management can be of service to your facility during this downtime.

Executing major kitchen repairs

Serving up hot breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner, cafeterias and kitchens see a lot of foot traffic. The daily hustle and bustle of these areas make it difficult to schedule downtime to focus on extensive and necessary repairs. Making these large improvements to your facility can mean big cost savings in the long run and will lengthen the life of critical systems. Working with a highly skilled integrated facilities management provider has the benefit of experienced technicians backing them to ensure the quality of work.

Stay up-to-date on planned HVAC maintenance


Having an active planned maintenance contract naturally makes for better performance. With fewer people on campus, now is a good time to prioritize those essential demands. Cleaning and disinfecting evaporator coils and changing out air filters throughout campus facilities can safeguard against pollutants in the air during the coming weeks.

In addition, campuses rely on the use of complex cooling systems to keep cool throughout the summer months.  Over time, these systems require extensive maintenance such as replacements and repairs. This cannot be performed while classes are in session, meaning scheduled downtime is needed. Taking advantage of this interim time is beneficial in preparation for the warmer season ahead.

Maintaining the health and safety of a building’s air quality is key to a thriving campus community, and with the help of a leading integrated facilities management team you can rest assured that those needs will be met.

Get ahead on essential plumbing repairs

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Turning off a facility’s water source to make repairs is always tricky. Scheduling temporary disruption to a building’s water supply can lead to headaches and stress for a facility manager and means occupants must remain absent for an extended length of time, causing further disruption. From fixing water leaks to making a full repair to a kitchen’s sewer pipe, the task at hand can be daunting to oversee. Performing these necessary repairs while students and faculty are away is a way to find value during extended times of campus absence. An integrated facilities management team can recognize this opportunity and use it to get ahead on major outstanding repairs.

TDIndustries understands the need for transparency and trust during this time and is committed to upholding the values ingrained in its culture.TD uses Visual Intelligence (VI), and is able to clearly communicate work order status and completion virtually, while implementing social distancing measures. What lies ahead is unknown but finding ways to utilize this time constructively leads to better building performance. TD’s Integrated Facilities Management Team self-performs and builds a permanent staff with the availability of around-the-clock shifts to match your business operations and schedule. 

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