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Morgan Leading Through Service

Servant Leader promoted to EVP of Houston operations 

Nikki Morgan Executive Vice President, Houston

With more than 22 years of service at TDIndustries (TD), Executive Vice President Nikki Morgan keeps her customers in mind when making important decisions. In July 2019, Morgan became the first female branch leader in company history, overseeing all aspects of the Houston geography. TD continues to break barriers of non-traditional leadership and provides opportunities to celebrate the power of individual differences across multiple geographies.   

Morgan sat down with TDSpirit to talk about her journey and ways TD can support its customers as it plans what the nation’s future workplace environments look like.  

What makes working at TD different from other companies in this industry? 

At TD, we are employee-owned and truly live by our mission statement to help our Partners grow their careers. The opportunities are abundant if you are willing to take the personal responsibility and effort for growing your career. You must be willing to step outside your comfort zone and take risks. Leadership at TD constantly encourages you to be the best version of yourself.  

Doing it Right! Ep. 92 | Women in Construction – Nikki Morgan, EVP TDIndustries

How has TD’s servant leadership culture helped you grow, and how has it helped you transition into your current role? 

Servant Leadership is the epitome of empowerment leadership. The goal is to bring out the best in people and help them achieve greatness. I had no idea what servant leadership was prior to starting at TD more than 22 years ago. The leadership here lives and breathes servant leadership daily so you are surrounded by examples of it that you can emulate. Our founder, Jack Lowe, Sr., instilled that philosophy in his leaders more than 70 years ago and it is ingrained in our culture to this day. Because I have spent most of my career here, I can’t imagine any other way to lead people.  

COVID-19 has prompted changes in our daily lives. What has leadership looked like in the age of the pandemic?  

As leaders, it’s important for us to calm any fears about the future of our organization. We must project honesty and confidence. By maintaining our strong relationships with clients and keeping Partners informed and engaged during this time of uncertainty, we’re able to reassure both our clients and Partners that TD is resilient. We are finding new ways to work and communicate to our teams and our customers.     

In your opinion, what’s the secret to TD’s growth in our service department and how have you helped that grow?  

We have had a consistent focus on excellence for our customers and Partners. We help our Partners grow into the best technicians, salespeople, business support and leaders in the industry by providing excellent training, coaching and performance management. This in turn helps our Partners provide outstanding service to our customers.    

What goals do you have for TD’s Houston business, centered around our customers and service?  

TDPartner & Nikki Morgan

We are always seeking ways to “continuously aggressively improve” through innovative ideas, process simplification and improvement. Much of our business comes through satisfied, repeat customers. We are consistently looking for ways to make our customers’ lives easier and finding ways to add value.  

In what ways is TD’s Houston business growing through client-centered relationships?  

We build our business and reputation on building trust with our clients. We are constantly listening to our clients through voice of the customer and customer discovery to ensure we are exceeding their needs.    

How can we help those customers save in the long run, either during the design phase or through maintenance?  

We must consider HVAC, plumbing, and other factors that influence the productivity and wellness of the building’s occupants. An organization’s most valuable asset is its people, and designing, operating and maintaining a healthy building with improved tenant and staff productivity in mind will improve the bottom line.   

Why is it important to keep “life-cycle” in mind when planning for a facility’s growth? 

The system and equipment should be designed with operation and maintenance in mind. Simple things like unit placement for accessibility and safety is sometimes forgotten and can cause issues later. It would be helpful for a building maintenance and operations professional to be included in the design team of the construction project.  

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