Staying Flexible, Dependable for Healthcare Clients

TD works with customer to adapt to ever-changing conditions

In the time of COVID-19, hospitals need all their focus on preventing the spread of this virus. Healthcare owners, therefore, are looking for flexible, communication-driven contractors who can install equipment efficiently.

Fire Life Safety SystemsTDIndustries’ fire/life safety team
often works on these variable projects. Recently, TD installed fire detection and alarm systems and necessary sequence of operations programming on several active rehabilitation facilities. Within each facility, technicians had to work around existing systems and communicate closely with healthcare leadership, vendors, and other potential contractors.

TD recently renovated a rehabilitation facility in Humble, Texas. At this location, much like many others, it wasn’t possible to shut down wings to make the necessary improvements. Often in these cases, TD must adapt its workflow every day with the manager on duty. Work can also be tightly managed on brain trauma wings, where a loud noise could greatly disturb the patients. In these situations, it is crucial that TD remains flexible to accommodate each individual worksite. A similar challenge presented itself in San Antonio, where TD had to coordinate with an abatement contractor.

“We often have to work around patient schedules, which translated to many small windows per day,” said Mike Showalter, fire life/safety service manager. Patient recovery is an inexact science, so TD service professionals cannot accurately plan their work schedule. "We’re used to accommodating our customers,” Showalter said.

Once TD arrives onsite, technicians typically must adjust installation plans for systems. Understandably, hospital designers often budget enough plenum space for just one system. TD’s experienced project managers often negotiate space, work around existing systems, and avoid anything that can impede the hospital’s ability to operate. In every case, amenable Partners collaboratively work with customers and stakeholders to solve the challenge in the best way for the patron.Fire Life Safety Systems

In Fort Worth, TD is working on a more complex footprint, which includes a two-story facility and a new 20-bed wing. While the other projects were completed before COVID-19 came to the area, this one has seen many health-focused adaptations. TD and hospital leadership meet regularly to talk through new procedures, as well as new alterations to the wing.

TD complies with all state, local, facility and company COVID-19 policies. At this site, that includes a temperature check, a nurse’s visual inspection, and mandatory hand washing throughout the day.

“When we finish, the facility gets a complete fire alarm system. That’s our goal,” Showalter said. “We will work with our customer first and foremost to develop a game plan, however that may look.”


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