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TDIndustries Increases Its Access To Talented Craftworkers With THRIVE

From a military member and a dance instructor, to a retail worker and a single mother, the graduates of THRIVE come from all walks of life. Now, they look forward to the financial freedom and stability their new careers in construction will bring. 

10 Houston women completed the 12-week tradeswoman training program, led by TDIndustries and United Way of Greater Houston. On Thursday May 10, a graduation ceremony was held in celebration of their achievements at TDIndustries' Houston office. 

With women comprising only 9 percent of construction occupations, the program provides new opportunities for TDIndustries to increase its access to talented craftworkers and workplace diversity. 

The hands-on training program not only teaches the physical skills required for the construction industry, but also the social and emotional skills essential to navigate the workplace. 


Above: Senior Vice President Randee Herrin with THRIVE graduate Meaghan Benoit. Photo by Austin Miller.

To learn more about THRIVE, click this link

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