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Why Partner with a Vendor That Leverages Video Maintenance Reporting?

As you might already know, TD Visual Intelligence is a new cloud-based tool that gives facility managers a convenient way to access and view maintenance reports in video or photo format.

If you’re a facility manager or a maintenance tech and wondering why it would be beneficial to partner with a vendor that leverages video, there are several reasons the platform warrants your attention. This is by no means a full replacement for traditional maintenance reporting, but a supplementary piece that adds value and an additional layer of transparency for maintenance services.

Here are just a few ways video reporting is already showing its worth:

Rapidly Receive a Breakdown of Equipment Status

Video and photo maintenance reports give facility managers the massive advantage of receiving equipment status in a matter of minutes or seconds. Technicians will add voice overs (and occasionally transcripts) to their video content, walking managers through repairs step-by-step and offering any relevant maintenance suggestions.

Additionally, the links to the video and photo files are sent directly via text message or email, so you’ll be notified immediately when a report is ready.

Build Relationships with Vendor Technicians and Staff

One of the great advantages of video is, beyond simply including the technical aspects of a repair, technicians have an outlet to connect emotionally with facility managers. This helps solidify the relationship between managers and vendors, giving them a deeper connection to the people working in their facility.

At the end of the day, maintenance repair is about trust. Feeling like you really know the staff of a vendor beyond reading their written reports can help you know that you’re in good hands.

Having a connection matters.

Confirm Vendor Completion and Quality of Maintenance Tasks

Transparency is vital to any facility maintenance relationship, and a vendor that uses video bolsters that concept.

Having video and photo recaps stored in the Cloud gives facility managers not just the general information that a task is complete and a summary of maintenance work, but visual confirmation that a task is complete to standards. With technicians giving detailed voice overs in video recaps, facility managers can more easily keep tabs on completed and pending work orders.

Optimize Your Maintenance Budget

Planned maintenance will usually be more cost-effective than constantly relying on reactive maintenance for essential equipment repairs. A vendor that uses video reporting can help facility managers determine the best course of action for continuous repair rather than simply solving the issue at hand.

By moving away from emergency maintenance, you will not only keep maintenance costs down, but also ensure your equipment stays up and running longer.

Check Out Visual Intelligence for Yourself

Interested in learning more or even testing out TD Visual Intelligence in your own facility? Visit the official page below and fill out the form if you’re serious about getting started!

Recap maintenance work orders via video and photo. TD’s cloud-based Visual Intelligence platform is live. Learn more.

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