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Services: Construction
Industries: Commercial
Locations: Spring, TX

Construction at the ExxonMobil campus began in April of 2010 and the 27-million-man-hour milestone was reached in August of 2014. TDIndustries served as the lead mechanical contractor for this large project in Houston consisting of five office buildings with six floors above ground and two basements.

TD used a 100 percent BIM process. TD combined sleeve drawings for all structural work for each of the MEP trades and providing composite shop drawings for all systems plus controls, fire system, and electrical. TDIndustries provided the customer with a 3D model that allowed a functional, scrolling display of equipment information (model/serial numbers).

TD designed and built a custom housing for all the air handling units and placed it at the end of the exterior of the building so they could be loaded directly, as to not impede the rest of the construction, saving time and avoiding scheduling delays.

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