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McCommas Bluff

Project Name: McCommas Bluff Biomethane Extraction Plant
Industries: Manufacturing & Industrial
Services: Design, construction, service, and process solutions

The McCommas Bluff landfill, located near the intersection of Interstate 45 and Interstate 20 in Dallas, Texas, is the home of Dallas Clean Energy’s biomethane extraction plant. Founded by oil tycoon and philanthropist T. Boone Pickens in 1988, Clean Energy creates a greener planet and energy independence by extracting biomethane gas from landfills. Through Pickens’ vision, Clean Energy has grown rapidly and now operates over 500 natural gas fueling stations in over 43 states.
Harvesting biomethane, a byproduct of organic materials in landfills, is no easy feat. In addition to the highly combustible reaction methane has with oxygen, the purification process (called “scrubbing”) deals with harmful gases and substances. However, when done correctly, the biomethane can be scrubbed into an energy source and reduce air pollution.

Dallas Clean Energy’s biomethane extraction operation required the highest regard for safety and proficiency with high processes –two things in which TDIndustries leads the market. As the third-largest facility of its kind in the nation, the plant produces the equivalent of 60,000 gasoline-gallons of natural gas per day. Because of the unconventional work site environment, entirely new, stringent safety protocols and processes were put in place. Due to the flammable nature of methane and other biogases, smoking was absolutely prohibited and fire protection/suppression procedures were in place. The plant also operates at very high decibels, necessitating ear protection in addition to safety glasses and hardhats –at all times.

With these safety measures in place, part of TD’s scope included the construction of the Primary Sulfur Extraction Process. Four large suction fans are used to extract gas from the landfill soil. Stainless steel piping, prefabricated by TD’s technology manufacturing Partners, transport specialized chemicals that extract substances from landfill gas. The piping goes through a series of pumps and spray towers to clean the biogas and remove unwanted particulates. Once scrubbed, the product is sold as natural gas to energy service providers.
It is a meticulous process, and more than 800 different welds and nearly 4,000 ft of stainless steel and polypropylene piping later, TD is focused on the future. TD is fortunate to have continuous work and maintenance at McCommas Bluff and is proud to be a part of this innovative process.

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