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Image for Freeze Preparation Checklist

Freeze Preparation Checklist

Winter is here! Protect your investments with helpful tips for the colder months.

Image for Procedures for Re-occupancy

Procedures for Re-occupancy

Establish facility procedures for re-occupancy post covid-19 for hydroponic and plumbing systems with this guide.

Image for Strategies to Reduce COVID-19 Exposure in Facilities

Strategies to Reduce COVID-19 Exposure in Facilities

Reduce Covid-19 exposure in facilities leveraging these TD guided strategies that have been shown to reduce the transmission of infectious diseases through airborne particles.

Image for Building Readiness

Building Readiness

Take a look at a few ways TD can help get your building prepared for the return to work. This checklist will support your assessment while identifying opportunities in touch-free environments, HVAC & refrigeration systems, plumbing systems, and automation & controls.

Image for Safety Protocols

Safety Protocols

TDIndustries is taking proactive steps to help ensure the safety of all those within your facility, and to minimize disruption to your business. To keep you informed, TD has developed a detailed action plan for business continuity and to enhance safety precautions.

Image for Design-Build E-Book

Design-Build E-Book

In our eBook, you’ll read about how MEP design-build involvement is a winning option for top architects, owners, and general contractors

Image for Design-Build Infographic

Design-Build Infographic

By adopting a collaborative culture within a construction project from the beginning, projects that use design-build realize cost-savings, time-savings, and a project that can more strongly deliver on an owner’s vision. This infographic explains the why design-build works as well as it does, and how you can thrive in it.

Image for Process Solutions Checklist

Process Solutions Checklist

The more you understand what projects are highly specialized, the better equipped you will be to decide if you need a Process Solutions team. This checklist can help you determine if your next project needs a unique set of technical expertise and operations requirements.

Image for Risk Evaluation Checklist

Risk Evaluation Checklist

Our maintenance assessment provides an overview of the core points of a standard professional maintenance inspection in the following trades: HVAC, Electrical and Lighting, Commercial Refrigeration and Plumbing.

Image for Silica Standards Pocket Guide

Silica Standards Pocket Guide

TD produces this OSHA Silica Standard Pocket Guide at no cost. For print or Spanish options, Fill out the form and list your request in the questions/comments field.

Image for Firefighter Air-Replenishment Systems (FARS) Installation Guide

Firefighter Air-Replenishment Systems (FARS) Installation Guide

Cities around the nation are recognizing the value of these systems, and many are requiring them in new builds and renovations/expansions. We have created an informational sheet to help guide you into making the correct FARS decisions for your next project.

Image for Tracking Facility Maintenance Key Performance Indicators eBook

Tracking Facility Maintenance Key Performance Indicators eBook

The success of any planned maintenance program starts with tracking the proper key performance indicators (KPIs). In our e-book Tracking Facility Maintenance Key Performance Indicators, we walk through the KPIs you should always keep top-of-mind.