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How AI in BrightBlue® Works

While AI has been all over the headlines recently, the history of artificial intelligence goes back decades. One type of artificial intelligence that has been the foundation for automated work is known as an expert system. It’s the type of AI that’s behind our BrightBlue® smart analytics platform.




Then and Now: Optimize Your Fault Detection and Diagnostics Results

Fault detection is a crucial component to a facility’s building automation system (BAS) or building management system. Fault detection assists building operators in understanding issues that need to be addressed within the core systems for HVAC, electrical, security and fire systems. The role of...




Performance Monitoring Gets Upgrade

TDIndustries’ Smart Building Services program gives owners better cost control, efficiency improvements

After months of waiting, some employees are back in the office for the first time. As they walk in, you see their bright, baby-blue masks interrupt the static views you’ve watched over the past...