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TD Hires Gary Roden As VP of Dallas Business Development

TDIndustries announces the hire of Vice President Gary Roden, an experienced leader in the Dallas-Fort Worth construction community, to guide TD’s relationship with North Texas ... MORE +

Randee Herrin Speaks About TD’s Success With THRIVE at UWGH Conference

Randee Herrin, Houston Vice President of Construction, is no stranger to speaking about TDIndustries’ Women in Trades program. On Tuesday, Aug. 7, she spoke on a United Way of ... MORE +

The Unearthed Gems of Unplanned Equipment Downtime

There are few KPIs for facility maintenance as crucial as unplanned equipment downtime. While other KPIs are helpful to view the full context of equipment performance, this ... MORE +

Job Search Struggles? Here's a Stable and Profitable Career Path

In 2018, job searches involve plenty of rejection. You might apply to 100 or more jobs, receive a “thanks, but no thanks” email from 30, and receive preliminary interviews from ... MORE +

3 Slightly Deceptive Facility Maintenance KPIs

You might have already read our guide on the essential facility maintenance KPIs you should be tracking to ensure your facility is running in tip-top shape. Depending on the ... MORE +

m ARCHITECTS Wins Award for Work on TD's Houston Office Building

HOUSTON – TDIndustries would like to congratulate m ARCHITECTS, which earned an award of merit from ENR Texas & Louisiana Magazine for its work on TD’s new Houston office ... MORE +

4 Reasons Why Facility Management Software (FMS) is Essential

For those that take advantage of the technology, facility management software (FMS) is among the most useful tools, along with computerized maintenance management systems ... MORE +

A Career in Construction: 5 Ways to Not Become a Broke College Grad

For Americans in the workforce for more than 15 years, college graduation meant a new chapter in life. Finding a new job was stressful, but most had manageable debt that was ... MORE +

How Innovation is Shaking Up Construction, Facility Maintenance & More

What do Blockbuster, Nokia, and Kodak have in common? All three failed to adapt to disruptive technology.  MORE +

TD Promotes David Fultz to Senior Vice President of Dallas Special Projects

DALLAS – TDIndustries, one of the leading mechanical construction and facilities services companies in Texas and the United States, has promoted David Fultz to Senior Vice ... MORE +