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TD Named To Contractor Magazine's 2018 Book of Giants

Contractor Magazine released its 2018 Book of Giants, and TDIndustries remained on the list. MORE +

TDIndustries Increases Its Access To Talented Craftworkers With THRIVE

From a military member and a dance instructor, to a retail worker and a single mother, the graduates of THRIVE come from all walks of life. Now, they look forward to the ... MORE +

Randee Herrin Talks THRIVE on Houston Public Media

On Friday, TD Vice President of New Construction Randee Herrin sat down with Florian Martin, a business reporter at Houston Public Media for a radio interview. They discussed ... MORE +

5 Alarming Health Risks: The Aftermath of Office Jobs

With their soft chairs and climate control, office environments appear to be safe havens in comparison to other workplaces. Like anywhere else though, the office environment ... MORE +

The Most Common Office Accident: Not Preventing It Could Make You Disabled

As you sit there typing away at your desk and sipping your coffee, chances are you’re not concerned about getting an injury. Although office environments may not seem as ... MORE +

The Secret To Success For All Industry Leaders, Especially In Construction

The construction industry is changing, and the key to success is waking up leaders everywhere.  MORE +

The Costs of Liability: How Poor Maintenance Could Land You in Major Trouble

Accidents happen, sometimes through the carelessness of facility occupants, but also through negligence by a facility owner or employer (they might be one in the same). When a ... MORE +

TD-assisted projects earn HBJ Landmark Awards

TDIndustries congratulates its project partners on receiving three awards from the Houston Business Journal. MORE +

Here's What Happens When You Don't Maintain Your Commercial Electrical Systems

While there are obvious issues associated with HVAC or refrigeration (CRFES) equipment failures, a facility’s electrical and lighting system is the center of everything. So, of ... MORE +

Victoria Yates Starts A Career In Construction

Victoria Yates has the drive to be successful. A business degree, IT certification, and her own side business would appear to point her toward financial success. MORE +